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30 Min Group FUBAR VersaClimber

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The Group FUBAR VersaClimber Group Cardio Workout

Sirens & Titans Fitness (S&TF) is the first in the fitness industry to offer the incredible VersaClimber group cardio workout! Get ready to be amazed and challenged! This is the toughest and most effective 30 min of cardio available. The VersaClimber is the best piece of cardio equipment available today. There is zero impact and is perfect for both intervals and long cardio. It is hard because you are carrying your entire body weight and incorporating both legs and arms in the movement. It will tax you more than treadmills, elliptical, bikes etc. Research has shown you will burn up to 4 times the calories compared to other cardio machines! Our FUBAR classes will deliver the most incredible results in fitness and body composition!