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Monthly 1 X Per Week Signature / Elite Package.

INITIAL HEALTHY EATING/NUTRITIONAL DISCUSSION & FITNESS EVALUATION IS REQUIRED PRIOR TO PURCHASE. This package allows for one 55 min Signature / Elite workout per week. This package auto-renews every 4 weeks/month.

The Signature / Elite Workout is One-on-One Personal Training without the cost. We only take up to 5 people per session.The duration of the Signature / Elite Workout is 55 mins., which allows our coaches to teach more complex exercises for faster gains. The workout is sport/goal specific and designed specifically for you whether or not you are an athlete. This workout provides greater speed of progression by focusing on specific weaknesses. The Signature / Elite Room has close to $100,000 worth of equipment! – allowing Elite clients to have access to ALL our sports performance equipment that Non-Signature / Elite members don’t have. The equipment available is usually only found at a few state-of-the-art Strength & Conditioning centers around the country. This equipment allows for greater results in power and strength. Also, the S&TF Signature / Elite program allow us to focus on developing power and movement most appropriate to each.

Plan details

  • 4 visits per Month
  • Unused visits can roll over to the next month (up to 4)
  • One full or partial payment is required
  • View Terms and Conditions